2017 Pilots

Howard Andrews (G.GBGB)
Howard Andrews has been ballooning since the late 80's. Flying in GBGB (Gorgeous George) with good friends Shaun Nother and Steve Chatfield also both balloon pilots.
Carlo Arendt (LX-BMB)
Flying for pleasure around the world and verry excited to cross the Channel together with 100 balloons.
Dominic Bareford (G-CDGF)
I am 23 years old and have had my license for 6 years. I enjoy competition ballooning and flying for fun with friends. Junior world champion 2014, British Champion 2015, 2016
David Bareford (G-RCOH)
9 times UK National champion, 3 times European champion and twice World champion. Received the Gold Medal of the Royal Aero Club in 1997 and the Britannia Trophy in 1998
Rob Bayly (G-SBIZ)
Rob Bayly flew the Atlantic as co-pilot with Don Cameron in 1992. He has flown the English Channel 3 times and has 3 times won the Great British Long Jump distance competition.
ROSET Bertrand (F-HHUN)
French pilot since 1989, I only fly for pleasure with my own balloon
Nick Bettin (G-OJBM)
Nick and Sarah have been ballooning for nearly 30 years. This will be Sarah's second cross Channel and Nick's first although he has flown across the Solent to the Isle of Wight!
Paul Bonner (G-BWPP)
SARNIA BALLOON GROUP - Founded in 1981 and still going strong. A family of Balloonatics based around North Hampshire flying for fun.
Mostly flying in competition and events since the mid 90's managing to represent the UK on a few occasions. More recently enjoying flying own company (Belvoir Brewery) balloon.
Craig Bryant (G-cjih)
Piloted by Craig Bryant and Andy Wallace
Paul Henry Carail (F-GVCO)
Pilot since 2011, 515 hours in flight. Commercial pilot since 3 years.
Andy Collett, Balloon Pilot for 5 Years, flys regularly in the Gloucestershire area, looking forward to ticking a Channel flight off the bucket list.
Alexandra Daniels (G-CIDU)
Pilot Mum who has been flying my family and friends for over 5 years for the fun of it!
Gary Davies (G-CBMK)
Been flying since my childhood, my dad had his licence in 1979, and he taught me to fly, its my passion! do lots of flying all over the uk and europe, now up too 1200 hrs since P1
Tim Davis (G-OAAM)
PPL...July 2016 CPL...February 2017
Deborah Day (G-cirl)
Deborah is a big fan of unusual flights having competed in and won the great British long jump also awarded the Adams sparks trophy.
Evert Dehandschutter (OO-BAE)
As one of 2 brothers flying we enjoy ballooning as the best hobby in the world. Competitive ballooning is our passion. But a channel crossing is our biggest dream!
Marc Derbyshire (G Fril)
Fly in Oswestry Shropshire. Been involved in ballooning 25 yrs mainly around Dad's passenger flying operation.
Geoff Down (G-LPAD)
Private pilot, have done the crossing once before really looking forward to doing it again. Once in a lifetime (now twice)
Nick Dunnington (G-CIND)
Commercial pilot from Bristol, usually flies large passenger balloons. Flew channel in 2011, going solo this time.
Neil Fishlock (G-BZKU)
A Team flying for fun in the Malvern area - enjoying the scenery, the company and having a good time.
Karsten Funk (PH-DVA)
Commercial Pilot, flying since 1992 in all parts of the world. Done more than 3500 hrs on all sizes of balloons and special shapes.
Bart Geeraerts (OO-BXV)
Bart Geeraerts (35) and his father Guy (62) fly the "Funny Bunny" special shape balloon of the Belgian Rabbits Ballooning Team. Together they have well over 2000 flight hours.
Kevin Graham (G-CIUA)
private pilot north east of England, flying for fun, member of the pennine region, flew the channel back in 2011, also flew over the Solway firth 2012
Gareth Gray (G-CEJA)
Gareth Gray - Young Pilot from Hampshire.
Andrew Gregory (G-SFSL)
I have been a pilot for 27 years and now both my sons are pilots as well. My wife Louise is chief crew and luckily very understanding. We are powered by her great flapjack.
Peter Gregory (G-BTSX)
Being brought up in ballooning I flew the channel in 2011 with my dad after gaining my licence on my 17th birthday I will be flying alongside my dad this time.
Geoffrey Grimes (G-CHMI)
A Pilot of 20 years ,Has taken part in the last 2 channel crossings and both the cross london flights organised by Exclusive Ballooning
Karl Gruenauer (D-OLUG)
Flew twice over the alps, flew in Japan, Israel, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Netherland, England and Germany
Dominik Haggeney (D-OBKM)
1974 first gas balloon flight 1987 hot-air balloon license 2000 gas balloon license 2015 balloon instructor 2016 hot-air balloon mainenance engineer Flights in 30 diff. countries
Chloe Hallett (G-LOKI)
I gained my PPL in 2011 at the age of 17, becoming the youngest pilot in the UK. I have recently gained my commercial license becoming the youngest female pilot in the UK to do so.
I started crewing in 2008, jointed MHBC in 2009 and checked out in 2010 thanks to one certain individual in the club.
Peter Haworth (G-CHAU)
Dirk Herrmann (D-OGUP)
49 Years old Balloon pilot with a license since 1995 and become flight Instructor in 2000 with more than 500 flights in Europe Asia and Africa. 1.Luxor Balloonmeeting 2016 in Egypt
Jackie Hibberd (G-CDLB)
I have been flying for 25 years and still enjoy lots of adventures ballooning. Looking forward to this one very much.
Thomas Hilditch (G-BYNN)
Niall has been ballooning (crewing) since 1986. In 2006 he got his licence and has participated in a number of meets in UK/Europe. This is his first cross channel.
Othmar Hochreutener (HB-QPF)
Othmar Hochreutener >2'000h Licence since 1989 and flown in 26 countries
Andrew Holly (G-OOEY)
Tea Drinker. Flying over the Channel in 2011 is still one of my favourite flights of all time and I could not miss the chance to do this again.
Garry Holmes (G-EMKT)
Balloon pilot since 1995, have been a commercial pilot since 2000 flying in Kent & Sussex. Currently flying on international contracts.
Graham Holtam (Gipen)
Thomas Hook (G-CJIG)
Young Pilot keen on competative and leisurely flying.
Tim Horne (G-ODAF)
The Brian Currie DAF balloon from Milton Keynes, UK is flown by Tim Horne and Barry Newman.
David Johnson (G-MINN)
sparks flying balloon team,Flies mainly in south London and kent area.
Kenneth Karlstrom (G-CIXD)
I have had a balloon licence since 1979 and worked with balloons full time for 30 years.
Klaus Kirchhoff (D-OGFB)
Pilot since 1998, Flight Instructor. Over 700 Flights, 150 in the Alps, 3 over the Alps. Flights in Central Europe and USA.
Daniela Klees (D-OMHR)
Daniela get her pilot licence in 2013, Harald in 2006. Together, they have participated in meetings in Lapland, Lorraine and the Alps.
Pieter Kooistra (PH-EJN)
Balloonpilot for 20 years. Once Dutch Champion. Probally the tallest pilot to cross the Channel, 2.08 meters high.
Benoit Lambert (OOBAM)
Pilot since 1999 with almost 1000h, I learned to fly with my father, Michel, who is pilot since 1989 and around 1200h We have been able to fly in many countries since 2007.
Nick Langley (G-DMES)
Nick Langley is MD of Airship & Balloon Company and has been a pilot for 30 years. ABC is touring Europe with Minion Balloons this summer, promoting the new Despicable Me3 Movie!
Allen Lutz (G-CEUV)
Private pilot since 1999, also commercial in Canada. Flying with Gloucestershire pilot Thomas Lee
Derek Maltby (G-UWEB)
Derek has achieved over 1,100 flying hours during the past 29 years and is the holder of the British Balloon and Airship (BBAC) Gold Medal for duration, distance and accuracy.
Pieper Markus (D-OKSR)
1986 - first flight hotair 1995 - Pilot licence hotair 2002 - 1st German Nationals 2004 - 2nd German Nationals, World Champion 2007 - 3rd European Champions >1800h PIC
David Medcalf (G-BXSX)
I obtained my pilots licence in 1999. I compete regularly and have flown on the continent and in Thailand.
Christoph Meyer (HB-QWM)
Chris like flying since the age of 16. Today he holds all the licences except Parachute and Helicopter. With the Balloon he likes to fly special adventures like crossing the chanel
Igor Miklousic (9A-OZZ)
Croatian hot air balloon representative and a second generation balloonist. Good swimmer. Hopes he won't need it this time.
Chris Monk has been flying Hot Air Balloons commercially for 25 years. Excited about this flight with wife and co-pilot, Claire!
ashley moore (GOMGR)
Having logged over 200 hours flying in command I have been lucky enough to fly in several balloon fiestas around the world. I am now looking forward to this challenging trip.
Celia Morley (G-JEMI)
Started crewing then flying as PUT 1997-GFT 2003, continued to crew commercially until qualifying for CPL 2008 have now flown privately and commercially throughout the world.
Richard Parry (G-CDZO)
Retired RAF pilot and "bus" driver from an ex colony now drifting in the slow lane but enjoys the odd challenge and adventure.
Richard Penney (G-LEAT)
Longleat Lion 'Simbaloo'
Pat Pruchnickyj (G-CGWU)
Balloon pilot since 1990
Josep Punti (HB-QUM)
I take my licence in 1992, flow arround the world and I like the long flights over the Alps, now my first experience over open Water... I'm excited see you soon there
David Rawlings (G-HPCB)
From 1989 when I crewed for a friend in the Indian Mele, to my licence in 2009, then various fiesta's around Europe and now the channel crossing!
Hinnerk Röhrs (D-OGRA)
Being pilot since 2013 i'm already locking back on international experience in Germany, France, Italy, Polen, the Alps, USA, Newzealand, Tunesia and Egypt.
John Rose (G-RENI)
Owner operator of the Oxford Balloon Co.Flown the channel, 98/05 and 2012. Flying this year for Exclusive Ballooning.
Marie Rosseneu (OO-BSN)
Pilot since 2001. This would be a dream come true, as my grandmother crossed the channel as first female pilot solo in 1986 and is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Matthew Rowley (G-CJKI)
I have has been flying for 6 years and have flown in a number of countries including the UK, France & Italy but never over the channel!
John Russon (G-SCFC)
Similar to the flight director Andrew Holly I too have had my pilots licence 20 years and without doubt the flight in 2011 was my best flight, so far!
Silvia Schuetz (D-OENI)
Silvia has been ballooning since more than 25 years all over Europe and the world (incl. China, Egypt, India, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, USA)
Ian Sharpe (G-KLTB)
I was the organiser of the 2011 Guinness record of the Channel Crossing and said afterwards 'never again!'. So here it is and definitely the last one!
Rupert Stanley (G-MRKT)
Rupert is a primarily a competition pilots and has been part of the British team for the past 6 years. He has flown over the channel in his gyrocopter, but never in a balloon.
matk stelling (g-elee)
All the way from north of the Border.....
Keith Storey (G-BWEW)
“Unipart” Very kindly loaned to us for this unique flight. Pilot Keith Storey from Hertfordshire & co pilot Jeff Roberts from Essex. We have both been flying for over 10 years.
James Strickland (G-DRPO)
Datum RPO are delighted to sponsor the Guinness Book of Records Cross Channel Attempt, see us flying high in our distinct red, white and black balloon piloted by James Strickland
Josh Taylor (G-CJXD)
Josh has only recently qualified as a pilot however has flown in Thailand across the UK and many flights across the Dolomites.
craig thompson (G-GAGE)
I'm Craig from Bristol I have been flying hot air balloons for 7years & will be flying my wife Mandy's New Cameron Z105 Red, White & Black S M Gauge Hot Balloon Built Feb 2017
Alan Turner (G-OJMS)
Pilot Alan Turner is flying the Joinerysoft balloon, accompanied by his wife Kirsten. Alan has +40yrs flying experience.
Omèr Verbist (PH-CWJ)
No text on the Enveloppe
Christof Vercauteren (OOBNL)
Hot Air ballon Commercial Pilot from Belgium. Crossing Channel is one off my bucket list.
Robin Waite (G-BXUO)
Robin & Fiona Waite (father & daughter) are the pilots of the HoneyB Balloon Team a group of family and friends who fly several balloons in rural Staffordshire for pleasure.
Mark Whitewood (GCCOP)
Mark Whitewood has been hot air ballooning since 1992 in the Great Missenden region and has crossed the channel twice in previous events and hopes to cross successfully again!
Crispin Williams (G-BUSV)
Hannibal was designed and built for long distance flying. Starting her life in the Alps she has made a number of distance flights, the longest from Germany across Austria to Italy.
Tim Wood (G-CEEK)
The ex Thomson Local balloon, now flown and operated by Tim Wood, Jamie Campbell and their family and friends, Team Thomson!
Michael Woodcock (G-CEJZ)
Mike has been Ballooning for 20 years, flying mainly in Kent and Sussex, a Pilot since 2003.